Stakeholder workshop

26 February 2014 Loughborough University, Burleigh Court

iSMART is an EPSRC-funded research consortium addressing sustainable management and resilience assessment of infrastructure slopes. The UK’s transport infrastructure network is one of the most heavily used in the world. It is critically dependent on the performance of cuttings and embankments and many of these are old and suffer high incidents of instability, which are increasing with time. The vision is to create a model of transient water movement in infrastructure slopes under a range of current and future environmental scenarios, based on a fundamental understanding of earthwork material and system behaviour, which can be used to create a more reliable, cost effective, safer and more sustainable transport system. Improved slope management will have a significant impact in both social and economic terms.

The iSMART project started in July 2013 and runs until 2016. This first event aimed to help stakeholders to learn about the project aims and objectives, and engage with researchers and fellow stakeholders at an early stage.

For further information and feedback please contact Tom Dijkstra (BGS, Keyworth).


The stakeholder workshop participants guide 1.04 MB pdf.

The workshop presentations

An introduction to iSMART by Stephanie Glendinning 1.32 MB pdf.

Session 1: asset management in a challenging environment

2012 – a year of dramatic contrast by John Dora 745 KB pdf.

Asset management in a changing environment by David Patterson 1.73 MB pdf.

Session 2: how do we deal with the problem?

Vegetation management by Lee Parry 1.68 MB pdf.

Remediation practices by Christina Jackson 1.52 MB pdf.

Session 3: the way forward

A discussion session led by William Powrie.

A document capturing the outcomes of the discussions at the breakout sessions will appear here shortly.

iSMART contact

EPSRC project EP/K027050/1
Principal Investigator
Prof Stephanie Glendinning
Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Newcastle University, UK

Work packages

WP1 – user impact and management
WP2 – characterisation of materials
WP3 – modelling of slope systems
WP4 – asset management strategies