Research community

Our research team

iSMART unites six academic institutions and combines their field, laboratory and computing facilities. It is supported by a large cohort of PhD students. The project is organised around four work packages:

  • Work Package 1 (WP1) — user impact and management
  • Work Package 2 (WP2) — characterisation of materials
  • Work Package 3 (WP3) — modelling of slope systems
  • Work Package 1 (WP1) — asset management strategies

The iSMART team comprises the following.

  • At Newcastle University
    • Prof Stephanie Glendinning (Principal Investigator; WP1 leader)
    • Dr Paul Hughes
    • Dr Peter Helm
    • Dr Mohamed Rouainia
    • Mr Ross Stirling
  • At Durham University
    • Prof David Toll (WP2 leader)
    • Prof Charles Augarde
  • At University of Southampton
    • Prof William Powrie
    • Dr Joel Smethurst (WP3 leader)
    • Dr Fleur Loveridge
    • Dr Derek Clarke
  • At Loughborough University
    • Prof Neil Dixon (WP4 leader)
    • Dr Chris Crosby
  • At Queen’s University Belfast
    • Dr David Hughes
    • Miss Ruth Harley
  • At the British Geological Survey
    • Dr Tom Dijkstra (WP1 management)
    • Dr David Gunn
    • Dr Jon Chambers
    • Dr Ben Dashwood

The wider research community

iSMART also closely works together with the wider research communities. In particular, we have forged close links with the following.

  • At Newcastle University
    • Miss Rose Hen-Jones
  • At the British Geological Survey
    • Dr Paul Wikinson
    • Mr Seb Uhlemann
  • At Bath University
    • Dr Kevin Briggs
    • Mr David Muddle
iSMART contact

EPSRC project EP/K027050/1
Principal Investigator
Prof Stephanie Glendinning
Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Newcastle University, UK

Work packages

WP1 – user impact and management
WP2 – characterisation of materials
WP3 – modelling of slope systems
WP4 – asset management strategies