The British Geological Survey is a world-leading geological survey. It focuses on public-good science for government, and research to understand earth and environmental processes.

It is the UK's premier provider of objective and authoritative geoscientific data, information and knowledge to help society to:

  • use its natural resources responsibly
  • manage environmental change
  • be resilient to environmental hazards

The BGS provides expert services and impartial advice in all areas of geoscience. Our client base is drawn from the public and private sectors both in the UK and internationally.

BGS core values

Defining our culture | guiding how we work together | informing our decision-making


  • Our professional competence enables us to be objective
  • We provide scientific evidence to enable our clients to make informed decisions


  • We continually develop and apply our geological and technical expertise
  • We are committed to acquiring, expanding and disseminating scientific data and information

Societal impacts

  • We work for the benefit of society
  • We meet the changing needs of society with responsive, innovative and interdisciplinary science
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Strategy. Annual Report, Economic benefits: learn how 'BGS can carry out work that would be impossible for other organisations.'
Science audit: how the 'NERC gets excellent value for its investment in BGS'

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Accreditations, environmental policy, intellectual property rights — copyright,
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