Geological data management

Hutton's unconformity at Siccar Point, Berwickshire, viewed from the south-west.

The BGS Information Management (Geology) Project populates and maintains a number of key geological databases and other information systems.

This is done in collaboration with other teams within the Survey who rely on these well-managed and mature data sets to carry out their research, and to create products, publications and services.

Borehole data Borehole data

We maintain a large database of geological interpretations of onshore boreholes. These data are used to characterise the subsurface geology of Great Britian.

Economic Minerals and Building Stones Economic minerals and building stones

We populate and maintain a number of databases relating to mining, trade, and use of economic minerals and construction materials of the UK, Europe and further afield.

Geoscenic - The National Archive of Geological Photographs Geoscenic | The National Archive of Geological Photographs

We host the National Archive of Geological Photographs, which includes pictures taken by the Survey's geoscientists as well as collections acquired from other organisations. There are many historical photographs and images of contemporary interest. The pictures can be searched and downloaded from Geoscenic.

Geotechnical data Geotechnical data

We populate The National Geotechnical Properties Database, which holds properties data and other information derived from site investigation reports and laboratory testing of rocks.

Vocabularies Rock Classification Scheme and other geoscience vocabularies

We develop and maintain numerous controlled vocabularies that standardise the way we describe and classify geological materials.

Stratigraphical data Stratigraphical data | Lexicon of Named Rock Units

We publish the Lexicon of Named Rock Units; a database of definitions of rock units that occur in the UK.